What is Metakgp?

Metakgp is a loose association of engineers, hackers, artists, and students from IIT Kharagpur, who collaborate on various technical and non-technical projects. We celebrate freedom and openness; all our projects are free as in speech (and usually beer too).

"The biggest resource we have is the quality of people who choose to participate. That is what must be maximised at all times. Smart people don’t like drudgery, and are generally driven enough to find another way to do something they really want to do, if we get in their way."

- Vikrant Varma
Metakgp Co-founder

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Some of our projects

The community wiki for IIT Kharagpur and our flagship project.
Instant search through previous years' question papers.
Instant search for any faculty working in your area of interest.
A Google Group where notices put up on the CDC noticeboard are mirrored, along with attachments.
A collection of interviews of the non-student residents of IIT KGP.
Get Your Freaking Timetable lets you add your ERP timetable to your own calendar.
Kronos helps you see previous year's grade distribution.
This helps you find a "chillzone" inside IIT KGP at any time.
This helps you to organize your time table for additional courses and minor.
This broweser extension helps you login into ERP quickly and securely.
No more waiting for your professor outside his/her office, now check when they are free using this.
Sarathi is a progressive web application intended to connect a group of people taking the same journey at the same time for sharing cabs.
Hermes monitors the noticeboards and sends the updates to students by email.
Helps you connect your email-id with your IIT-KGP roll number.
A news aggregator for collecting all news related to KGP.
Checkout more of our latest projects at MetaX (ssshh!).

Getting involved

Curious? Drop by to say hi, we hang out on Slack.